Shandong Superherdsman Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd.

Producing first-class animal husbandry equipment to provide superior

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Shandong Superherdsman Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Company profile

Since the inception of the company, we have concentrated on operation of animal husbandry. With quick development of the animal husbandry of China, we seize development opportunities with all our strength, actively quicken the development of modern husbandry machinery, and realize our leapfrog development in the tenet of “Providing a Platform for Our Staff, Creating Value for Our Customers, Creating Wealth for the Society” and the values of “Good Credit, Mutual Benefit”. We have developed into Superherdsman Husbandry Machinery Group which has 5 branches and more than 10 domestic offices at home. Our product varieties are increased from single broiler flat culture standard equipment to a wide variety of standard equipment used for broiler flat culture and cage culture, layer cage culture, breeding hens cage culture, etc. Our equipment is sold in more than 20 provinces and cities at home and occupies important market shares in standard husbandry machinery markets of more than 30 countries.

Providing a Platform for our staff. We make great effort to optimize our staff team, provide “Superherdsman” people with a post to display their talent and development space, and cultivate a management team which is good at operation and management, a technical scientific research team which has professional technologies and is good at intensive studying and a professional marketing team which is strong in business, finally realizing their self-value and occupational planning.

Creating Value for Customers. We insist on making success by quality, provide matching service items such as address selection of plants, engineering design, plant construction, equipment installation, technical service and husbandry worker training, considers for customers, and strive to optimize cost performance of our products, in an effort to fulfill the aims of relieving customers of worry in purchase and use and embodying high cost-performance of our products.

Creating Wealth for the Society. Our standard and automatic husbandry equipment greatly saves labor cost, land cost, feed cost, etc. By our standard and automatic husbandry equipment, numerous domestic and overseas customers accumulate wealth, a multi-win objective among the company, customers and the society is fulfilled, and requirements of customers on poultry are constantly met.
Constant efforts lead to great achievement. We fully meet requirements of customers, spare no effort to produce a wide variety of professional and high-standard husbandry machinery, promote and quicken development of standard and automatic husbandry machinery with friends in the industry.