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One-stop Service

Chicken house design preparation

Breeder Training Base

Aquaculture technical guidance

Ecological farming promotion

● Chicken farm site location
● Chicken farm design and preparation guidance
● Farming equipment installation
● Farming worker training
● farming technical guidance
●Product after-sales service

Value service:
A . Chicken Farm Design and Preparation Guide: Provide scientific guidance on the site selection of chicken houses based on the environment, physiological characteristics and precautions required for broiler growth. According to the selected site, the optimized chicken house layout design will help guide the preparation of the chicken farm and provide the best quality guidance and service for the customer's chicken house construction.
B  .Training of aquaculture workers: Free training for aquaculture workers based on the physiological characteristics of broiler growth and the characteristics of the company's equipment and methods of use. The company has invested in the construction of 13 standardized chicken houses with the most advanced facilities in the country. It provides on-site training and practical farming practices for the farmed workers. At the same time, it can intuitively understand and learn the knowledge and experience of broiler farming, and provide the most comprehensive and effective training for the farmers. Training.
C . Aquaculture Technical Guidance: When the customer conducts initial breeding production, the company can send professional breeding technicians to the site for technical guidance on breeding, so that customers can truly achieve risk-free farming.
D . Ecological farming promotion: Promote standardized non-disabled broiler breeding technology, produce green and safe commercial broilers, and jointly realize the maximum benefit of breeding.